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Norfolk Organics - Our Story

Norfolk Organics is a unique, boutique organic skin care & herbal wellness brand developed in Norfolk UK, by Master Herbalist, holistic lecturer, international author & skin care expert; Niki Jane Senior. Drawing on over twenty five years experience in practice & of teaching holistic therapy, along with graduating as a Master Herbalist in 2016, Niki has applied her extensive knowledge in formulating each unique product for Norfolk Organics.


As an organic lifestyle advocate, Niki has created this extensive & unequalled range of organic skin care & natural herbal wellbeing products to put the mind, body & spirit on track, & help keep the body balanced, healthy & full of vitality.

Norfolk Organics can boast to be the only UK skin care brand who's six product ranges and over thirty five products are between 91.75 - 100% organic. But it's not just organic skin care, Norfolk Organics provide a complete wellness package, so take a look at the extensive range of herbal wellness products, supplements & Awesome Rawsome collections to help keep you looking & feeling great - inside & out.


A range of 12 organic, vegan, palm oil free soaps were launched in 2019 along with exquisite recycled sea glass pendants.

Following their business expansion in 2018, Niki was delighted when husband Louis, also a herbalist & worker in private education, suggested he take on a supportive & active role within the company.


Both Niki & Louis were born in Yorkshire, live in Norfolk & spend their free time in Dorset, Devon & Cornwall.


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