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Clay all the way!

I remember screaming “where’s my mummy?” when returning home from primary school one day as my Mum opened the door. She stood there, hair scraped back, sporting an olive green face. I had never seen her like this before, but she explained that the gunk on her face was a clay mask and after washing it off she’d be even more beautiful.

As we move into spring the word ‘detox’ may by on the minds of many. Our skin is the largest bodily organ and can benefit greatly from detoxification - with clay.

Clay has been used for centuries to draw out skin impurities, soothe irritation and to deeply cleanse. All clays have individual actions that buff away dirt, remove the build-up of grime that seeps into the pores and also possess smoothing actions to soften the skin. Dependant on the colour of clay used and the type of complexion you have, clay can also help to soothe irritation, and promote bright, radiant and youthful skin. White, green, red and pink clays are the most popular clays available and each have their own unique benefits that work fabulously for different skin types as I’ve highlighted below.

Pink Rose Clay

I have sensitive skin so pink clay really works for me when made into a mask with a few drops of rosewater and vitamin E oil. I can visibly see huge results the day after. My skin feels tighter, especially around the eyes and crows’ feet and my pores appear tighter. In addition, my skin texture appears softer.

French Green Clay

French Green clay absorbs around 30% water and is great for oily skin. This clay is mineral rich and contains magnesium, a natural anti-inflammatory which is partly responsible for 350 other reactions of the body. French green clay also works to ease the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema.

White Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay works wonders for dull skin that’s lacking in lustre due to its circulation boosting properties. The compound, montmorillonite found in kaolin clay has proven beneficial in eliminating oils and toxins from the skin.

Clay Connections

Clay is formed from minerals and plant life that have been broken down in to ultra fine particles by the rivers and streams. The Earth is a source of infinite means for restoring and helping us maintain good health and by using clay for our personal beauty regime, we are linking ourselves with the earth and using her energy to bring radiance to our lives.

You can find pink clay in our luxury Rose & Pink Clay soap

Niki Senior – Master Herbalist, Therapist, Author and Founder of Norfolk Organics